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Product Code : Clostat
Brand : Kemin
Weight : 25 Kg
Physical State : Powder

Availability: In stock

Positively impacts gut microflora
Improves gut health
Formulations available in drinking water and feed
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CLOSTAT contains a proprietary, patented strain of Bacillus subtilis, PB6. PB6 is a unique, naturally occurring spore-forming microorganism. Kemin identified and selected the specific strain of PB6 because it secretes an active substance that helps maintain the balance of microflora in the intestinal tract of poultry and livestock. INTESTINAL HEALTH ISSUES ARE PREVALENT IN OVER 92.5%** OF FARMS. Clostat DON'T BE A STATISTIC. Beat the odds. Use CLOSTAT™ from Kemin in feed/ration to reduce intestinal health issues. A patented microorganism, CLOSTAT helps in maintaining balanced intestinal health. It has been proven to help chickens develop a natural defense mechanism against profit-killing intestinal health issues. CLOSTAT doesn’t create any antibiotic resistance or residue concerns. Use CLOSTAT to get a good return on investment from your birds.

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Weight 25.0000
Unit Kg
Brand Kemin
Physical State Powder
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