Aviagen EPI invests in HatchTech’s unique Chick Storage Room

April 10, 2015

The new Chick Storage Room will be installed in Aviagen’s parent stock hatchery in Bække (Denmark).

Aviagen decided to make the investment because of the qualitative advantages that the Chick Storage Room provides. The unique laminar airflow is what chicks need to guarantee outstanding development and superior quality. Unlike traditional storage rooms, HatchTech’s Chick Storage Room provides every single chick with perfect, uniform conditions in terms of temperature, air velocity and flow, and relative humidity. This prevents dehydration, cold and heat stress and maintains the optimal quality during storage and the chick’s further life.

The HatchTech Chick Storage Room is able to store 144.000 birds in excellent conditions on less than 30m² and can be integrated into any existing or new hatchery, regardless the brand of incubation equipment.
Source by Poultry site.