Chicken consumption does not cause coronavirus, govt clarifies

February 12, 2020

The Union Ministry of Animal Husbandry has clarified that consumption of chicken will not cause coronavirus. The ministry commissioner, in a letter to the Poultry Federation of India, stated that there had been no reports as yet of novel Coronavirus (nCoV) transmitting through an animal source.

Animal Husbandry Commissioner Praveen Malik replied to an email received by the Vijay Sardana, advisor, Poultry Federation of India, clarifying on the issue of the livestock product consumption vis-a-vis 2019 nCoV.

In this context, this is to clarify that the predominant route of transmission of 2019 nCoV, appears to be human to human, as per World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) though 2019 nCoV may not have had an animal source, which requires further investigation.

The commissioner further added that there was no evidence of nCoV being transmitted through poultry consumption.

Further, the letter also states that the 2003 SARS, MERS 2013 outbreak or Corona associated common cold had no involvement of poultry or poultry products globally.

“Thus, with knowledge of present affairs of 2019 nCoV, consumption of poultry and poultry products may be considered safe. The general principles of hygiene, however, may be followed as per the suggestions of the World Health Organisation (WHO) or OIE”, said the commissioner.