Culling of chickens postponed for want of digging machines in Bidar

May 10, 2016

BIDAR: The Bidar district administration had planned to cull lakhs of chickens on Tuesday, but realised at the last moment that it didn’t have enough earthmovers to dig pits for the carcasses.

The culling will take place on Wednesday at Arunodaya Poultry Farm in Molkeri village of Humnabad taluk.

When Express visited the poultry on Monday, only one earth-mover was at work and one pit had been dug. In the afternoon, with a heavy downpour, digging came to a halt.

Govinda Rao, in-charge Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry, said efforts were on to bring 10 more earth-movers so that pits of 6 by 6 by 6 feet could be dug in two days.

About 1.42 lakh chickens at Arunodaya Poultry Farm and 589 at another poultry 1 km from there will be culled.

The administration has constituted 50 culling teams with five members each. They have been given protective gear that includes rubber overalls, gloves and transparent headgear. The teams have divided the chickens into lots of 2,800 each.

Veterinary Department officials have made a survey of the families running poultry businesses in the village. they have told the families the chickens would be killed, and fixed a compensation. The Health Department has opened an information centre at the village.

Dr Vijay Haritkar, who is supervising the centre, said the government has supplied enough Tamiflu tablets in case of an outbreak of bird flu among the workers. All 36 workers at the poultry have been given the medicine.

Dhabas on National Highway No 9 (Mumbai-Hyderabad), which passes through Molakera, did not open on Monday.

Express saw six dhabas closed. Syed Alimulla, who owns Noor Dhaba on NH 9, said the sale of chicken dishes had gone down over the past two days.

“Usually we prepare dishes with 20 kg of chicken and now it has come down to 10 kg. On Monday evening, we prepared only 3 kg  chicken dishes,” he said. Owner of Jai Bhavani Dhaba said he stopped preparing chicken dishes on Monday. Narasappa Chimkod of Bidar said until the flu scare persists, he will buy mutton instead of chicken and eggs.

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens has stopped buying live fowl and eggs from the retail market for the time being due to the outbreak of bird flu in Bidar. “The zoo procures on an average 100 eggs and 50 kg of live fowl daily. It is given to animals along with beef and it is not part of the basic diet of animals,” sources said.   “Now, quantity of beef, fish and prawns has been increased to feed the carnivorous animals,” sources said.

Officials say that the coastal areas are in the clear zone. “Bidar is out of range from Mangaluru so aerial transmission through birds on the coast is ruled out. Also there is no trading of chickens between the coastal areas and Bidar, or any northern districts of the state. We deal in chicken from Hassan, Chikkamagaluru and parts of Kerala, and birds bred in our farms in Dakshina Kannada,” said Coastal Chicken general manager Sundar.

What the Animal Husbandry Department is Doing in Bidar:

The teams are training people to spread awareness  about the virus and its effects

Disinfectants are being sprayed in the area 1,42,200 chicken afflicted by the bird flu virus in Arunodaya Poultry farm will be culled 589 chicken of a nearby farm will also be culled.