Kemin Expands India Facility to Increase Manufacturing Capabilities

April 2, 2019

GUMMIDIPUNDI, Tamil Nadu, India – Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer focused on improving the quality of life for more than half the world’s population, announced today the expansion of its manufacturing facility in India, located in the SIPCOT industrial estate. This will allow Kemin to better serve the increasing demand for specialized nutritional ingredients that address the region’s rapidly growing animal protein industry.  

“South Asia plays a very important role in the global animal feed market, producing more than 35 million tons of compound feed. Due to rapid economic growth in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, the overall demand for animal protein is increasing in the region,” said
Dr. Chris Nelson, President and CEO, Kemin Industries. “For this reason, we decided to invest and grow the capacity at our existing Gummidipundi plant near Chennai. Kemin is always seeking opportunities to better meet our customers’ needs regionally and provide high-quality products and solutions. This expansion is yet another example of how Kemin puts customers first.” 

Dr. Chris Nelsion- President & CEO Kemin Industries Inc. dedicating the new facility.

The new state-of-the-art facility is one of the most sophisticated plants in the global Kemin portfolio to produce metal propionate trace minerals. The new facility’s “Integrated Organic Mineral Production System” ensures highly efficacious organic trace minerals in different combinations for animals. The production facility for liquid products is also significantly improved in the new facility. The facility has also received new certifications and endorsements to better serve Kemin Food Technologies customers in Asia.

“For more than 20 years, Kemin has established a strong footprint in South Asia feed production,” said G S Ramesh, Group President, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health. “As the demand for meat production increases in South Asia, the need for our value-added products is also growing tremendously. The additional capacity in Gummidipundi will equip us to meet the ever-increasing demand for Kemin’s high-quality feed ingredients. As we begin outputting new products at this facility, we aim to work closely with our customers for the collective purpose of improving animal production efficiency.”

Rendering of the new Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – South Asia manufacturing plant in the SIPCOT industrial estate of Gummidipundi, Tamil Nadu, India.

The new food and manufacturing certifications for the Kemin Food Technologies – Asia business unit include the following:


With regional headquarters in Chennai, India, Kemin has been serving the animal protein industry in South Asia since 1998. The current headquarters includes a full-fledged manufacturing facility, quality control labs, research and development farms and a small pellet feed mill.

"We are excited to bring new technologies into our production facility so we can provide customers the maximum benefits of our products,” said Dr. R Sureshkumar, President, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – South Asia. “I am very glad that we have added capacity to meet the growing regional expectations.”