Poultry farmers asked to test feed ingredients

September 26, 2016

Poultry farmers in the district were asked to test the newly procured feed ingredients before using.

A press release from Agromet Field Unit of Veterinary College and Research Institute and Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai said that the sky will be partly cloudy with chance of isolated rainfall over the next three days. Maximum and minimum temperature will be 36 degree Celsius (96.8 degree Fahrenheit) and 25 degree Celsius (77 degree Fahrenheit) respectively. Wind speed will be around nine km per hour, mostly from west.

Though South-West Monsoon is nearing its end, its impact over the zone continues to be at mild level. The release said that raising day time temperature will not stay long due to elevated wind speed. As this weather conditions are favourable for poultry, feed intake, egg production and egg weight will remain normal. The release said that newly procured feed ingredients particularly oil cakes and maize should be tested before its usage.

Also, post-mortem observations in the birds brought for diagnostic purpose at Poultry Disease Diagnosis and Surveillance Laboratory at the institute premises revealed death of birth due to liver damage.

Hence, farmers are asked to test the feed for mycotoxins and follow appropriate feed management measures.