Poultry farmers don’t buy into ‘plastic eggs’

August 4, 2018

They said that egg is the only produce that cannot be contaminated. Upset with the rumours that ‘plastic eggs’ have made their presence felt in Goa, they stated that egg is the safest of all food because of its shell. Several poultry farmers and retailers contacted by ‘The Navhind Times’ said that they were pleased at  Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s quick action in getting the allegedly synthetic egg tested and receiving a clean chit from the FDA. They criticised the MLA for creating a controversy over plastic eggs and hinted that a ‘bigger lobby’ is prejudiced against the poultry industry.

Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’, owner of Royal Foods Mario Valadares said, “The news that plastic Chinese eggs are being sold in the market is nonsense.”

He explained that importing eggs from China is impossible because India’s cost of production in eggs is among the lowest in the world. India is a net exporter of eggs and does not need to import.

Other poultry farmers pointed out that since eggs are a low-value product even spending money on chemicals for adulteration does not make sense.

Poultry farmer Prabhanjan Parsekar, a partner in the Bethora-Parsekar Foods, said that baseless rumours of synthetic eggs can harm the market.

“Although the FDA test is negative,  the poor and the unlettered will not know the truth,” he emphasised.

Goa is strong in egg consumption but nowhere in production. Local egg production is low because most poultry farms in the state rear broilers and not layer hens. According to poultry farmers, the local weather is not conducive to increasing production.

They said that poultry farms must receive support from the government to boost production.

The local egg market is estimated at about four-five lakh eggs per day. The National Egg Co-ordination Committee monitors all-India prices but with strong demand the price is on an uptrend.

Currently eggs in the state are sold at Rs 58 per dozen although in some grocery shops the rate is slightly higher at Rs 7  per egg.

On Wednesday, Congress MLA Alexio Reginaldo Lourenco had brought eggs to the state assembly, claiming that they were ‘plastic eggs’.

However, a FDA test revealed the claim as untrue.

After the formalin-in-fish row hit the state the news is rife in Goa that all edible produce coming from outside is either contaminated or ‘artificial’.