Poultry prices up by 30% in a month as demand rebounds post bird flu scare

September 8, 2017
have jumped by up to 30 per cent over the past one month, following a sharp rebound in consumer demand.Bin rose the highest to trade at Rs 81 per kg. In Gujarat, was sold at Rs 72 per kg on Wednesday. Last month, stood at Rs 60 per kg in 
A similar price surge was seen in and Nashik, where was quoted at a price of Rs 67 per kg and 66 per kg respectively on September 6.in was available at a cost of Rs 59 per kg last month, while in Nashik it stood at Rs 60 per kg.
Similarly, egg have also risen sharply over the past one month. In Ajmer, were sold at Rs 3.15 a unit on August 6. This shot up to Rs 3.55 a month later. In Delhi, became costlier by Re 0.30 a unit to trade at Rs 3.95 on Wednesday. Similarly, surged in all major centres across the country due to a sharp rebound in its demand after India was declared bird-flu free in early July.
"have increased only in certain pockets and remain way below the desired level. The price increase should have been little higher than the current level. Certainly, demand has rebounded in the last one month due to a reasonably good monsoon. We are hoping that the current year would be good due to an increase in rural income from agricultural sources. 
Normally, the demand for increases during the winter season on account of increased 
After hitting to a record level of Rs 100 per kg in July, declined to Rs 40 per kg later in the month. 
Consumers abstained from fresh purchases of due to sporadic instances ofin Odisha, and other centres. Authorities subsequently culled birds to contain the spread of the epidemic, which in turn led crunched supplies due to a scarcity of birds.
Now, poultry farmers have started streamlining their production facility to ensure production levels return to normalcy. Industry experts feel restoration could take around 1 year's time.
The average price of should range between Rs 70 per kg to Rs 75 per kg. Since the average cost of production works out to be around Rs 65-70 per kg, any price below this level would incur losses for poultry farmers.