Poultry sector in crisis, seeks relief assistance from Centre

September 6, 2019

Amid concerns over a slowdown in the economy with the auto sector already witnessing the worst slump in decades, worrying reports are now coming from the poultry farm sector in the country.

Leaders of the poultry sector have claimed to be facing "tough times" due to the increase in feed prices and their inability to pass them on to the consumers, despite a peak demand season. They have sought a relief package from the Centre.

"The domestic poultry sector is passing through a phase of economic crisis. The scenario has changed in the sector over the last two months. The prices of poultry feed like maize and rice bran have jumped 50 per cent and reduced prices of poultry products have led to this situation," said Bahadur Ali, a former member of the prestigious Central Poultry Development Advisory Council of Government of India.

He said that due to the present economic crisis, the consumers are also reducing their own expenses, which is directly affecting the consumption of poultry products.

"In the last 20 years, we have never seen such a hike in prices of poultry feeds and also such a dealing demand in poultry products. Due to short rainfall last year, the agriculture production was effected. The poultry farmers have been demanding duty-free import of maize for last six months but no step has been taken in this regard,"he said.

Seeking assistance from the Centre, Ali said any delay in government intervention will lead to a severe crisis in the sector.