Pune: Price of poultry meat shoots up as production dips by 25 pc

May 9, 2018

Poultry prices have seen a significant rise over the last few weeks, with farmgate prices crossing Rs 95 per kg. Experts attributed the price rise to 25 per cent dip in production effected by the soaring temperatures. An industry expert said the prices may cross the Rs 100 per kg-mark in wholesale market in the coming weeks.

As summer sets in, the poultry industry sees a rise in prices in both wholesale and retail markets. Production dip due to the rising heat creates a demand-supply mismatch, which pushes the prices of the birds up. A source said most farmers tend to increase their investments during summer to reap benefits of the rise in prices. On an average, Maharashtra reports placement of 3.5-4 crore birds per month, while Pune records consumption of about 1-1.5 lakh kg meat per day.

Farmgate prices — the price wholesalers pay farmers — have seen an upward swing in Pune since the last week of April. Thus, from Rs 84 per kg on May 2, the prices have shot up to Rs 96 per kg on May 7. Sources are optimistic about the prices crossing Rs 100 per kg in the coming weeks. At retail outlets, price of ‘dressed poultry’ (a ready-to-cook whole bird) has crossed Rs 180 per kg and, according to experts, might soon sell at Rs 200 per kg.

The price rise, an expert said, has come with a lag effect, as March and April witnessed a significant slump. It might be recalled that farmgate prices in March were the lowest recorded in the last five years — with poultry being sold at Rs 55-56 per kg. Despite steady production, poultry farmers incurred losses due to a decline in consumption, which had led to a dip in prices.