Rotten eggs destroyed

March 30, 2016

Officials of the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department seized 1,830 rotten eggs that was supplied to a bakery in Ariyanoor and destroyed it here on Monday.

Based on a tipoff, Food Safety Officer Sriranjan inspected a bakery and found eggs being unloaded from a vehicle. Officials found 1,830 broken rotten eggs, all packed in covers, and supplied to the bakery. Only 100 eggs are found to be in good condition. The eggs were used for making cakes and other bakery products and were purchased from poultry farms in Namakkal at very low price. The eggs were destroyed and notice was issued to the bakery owner and the vehicle driver. Samples were also taken for analysis.

Recently, officials seized large quantities of broken eggs that were brought from Namakkal district and supplied to bakeries, hotels and roadside eateries in the city. Salem District Egg Traders Welfare Association had also sought ban on the usage of these eggs as it pose serious health issues to the consumers.