Please Fill in details relevant at your farm
# Details Unit Enter Cost
1 Average Feed cost (layer) Rs. per kg
2 Average Farm Production %
3 Average Feed Consumption Gms
4 Cost of raising hen till (Egg sale = Feed cost) Rs
5 Henhouse taken till Sr. No. 4 is achieved Nos.
6 Total Henhouse achieved Nos.
7 Egg Breakage (eg. 1 Tray in 300 Tray = 0.33%) %
8 Mortality in percentage (From the day when egg sale and feed cost are equal) till 72 weeks %
9 Average rate of hen while disposing Rs. per kg
10 Average body weight of hen while disposing Kg
11 Cost of Tray Rs.
12 Wastage of Tray %
13 Average Monthly Labour Payment Rs.
14 Average Daily Production Trays
15 Average Monthly Electric Bill Rs.
16 Average cost of Diesel used in Generator per Month Rs.
17 Running cost of Car per Km including Service cost, Tyre replacement cost etc Rs per Km.
18 Average car running per day KM
19 Average Yearly Repair & maintenance cost (e.g.Generators, Side Curtains (Pallies), repair of electric motors, whitewash, Tubewell, Starters, Grinder, Mixer, Belts etc) Rs.
20 Yearly Expense on Medicine, fly & rat control etc. Rs.
21 Monthly Bank interest & Charges (Term Loan & CC Limit) Rs.
22 Yearly Empty Gunny Bag Sale Rs.
23 Yearly Manure Sale Rs.
24 Yearly Other miscilleneous/ Petty expenses Rs.