A New Poultry Farming Perspective

know About Our Company
Papaak.com provides complete picture of the poultry industry — from farm to table. Our team is led by industry experts who have a wealth of experience. They provide all available scientific, technical and industry sources and expert opinions in all areas of significance. Papaak.com is the only trade website that gives a complete, timely picture of the poultry industry. We are a group of progressive and forward looking poultry farmers.Over the past few years, our experience shows that although the poultry produces business worth around 75,000 crores annually in India, still the business is run in an unorganized manner where the actual producer (Farmer) is not aware of the input cost and his sale price. Papaak.com has grown and evolved over the years along with the industry.
A New Poultry Farming Perspective
Our Working History Makes Us Proud

Our Working History Makes
Us Proud

What do we do
As an industry innovator, Papaak.com has connected buyers and sellers in the poultry, pig, animal feed and pet food industries. Based in the heart of poultry country, it is international in scope; national in focus. Its target users come from all segments of the poultry industry, from the growers to the field service personnel to the CEOs. They all want the same thing: accurate, timely, concise information. Papaak.com delivers
Our Commitment

Papaak.com is committed to providing the most comprehensive, sought-after information to executives and decision-makers in the global poultry, feed, pig and pet food industries. We ensure that our eggs and chickens are authentic and quality tested.

OUR Mission
Our mission is to foster, promote, improve and protect all branches of the poultry, turkey and egg industry; to coordinate the activities of all its member divisions of the poultry industry; and to act promoting those things favorable to the poultry industry as a whole, or any part thereof.
Our farming techniques include
Intensive Poultry Farming
Free Range Farming
Layer Poultry Farming
Broiler Poultry Farming