Poultry business in Kerala can be good as 300 crore eggs arrive from other states


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Looking for a business proposition in Kerala, then the best bet would be to engage in poultry business as there is an annual shortage of close to 300 crore eggs.

And this arrives from the other southern states.

According to a top official of the state owned Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation (Kepco), there is an annual requirement of 565 crore eggs in the state and of these the domestic production is around 260 crore only.

Sukumaran Nair, top marketing official of Kepco said that their efforts to increase the production in the past five years has seen a rise of around 75 crore eggs.

He further pointed out that Kepco to put pedals to further increase the production of eggs has now taken up the distribution of chicks belonging to a breed of B.V.380 which is capable of laying 300 eggs a year.

This particular breed also has been found to withstand health issues and after it is done with laying eggs, each bird has a weight of more than 2 kg, which is also extra money.

Kepco of late has joined hands with the Local Self Government and is giving cages and chicks to interested farmers and expects to further narrow the gap of consumption and import of eggs from other states.


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