Andhra Pradesh: Chicken Prices Soar On Drop In Production

portrait of a white broiler  chicken closeup

Chicken Prices.

VIJAYAWADA: Chicken prices have shot up all of a sudden following scarcity of birds. The price of dressed broiler chicken crossed the mark of 310 per kg in local markets on Sunday which is an all-time high in the state.

Chicken prices usually increase during season change. The mortality rate of birds increases in summer resulting in a shortage of supply. As mercury touched the mark of 37 degrees Celsius, the mortality rate has increased significantly.

“Twenty out of every hundred birds are dying due to high temperatures. We never experienced such a situation in March in past. We are trying hard to save the birds by arranging coolers and cool roofs. But it is increasing the expenditure,” said Nagula Bhavani Prasad, a poultry farmer from Pathapadu.

On the other hand, many farmers discontinued poultry farming in the last three months as the price dipped to 165 per kg in December 2021. “Cost of investment on feed and medicines increased in the last three years. A minimum price of 180 per kg on the live bird is required for the poultry farmer to sustain. Many farmers discontinued poultry farming after retail prices fell significantly. After the price hike, many farmers are now eyeing to restart poultry farming,” said M Sambasiva Rao, a member of Amaravati Poultry Traders’ Federation.


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