Broiler and Egg laying Hens in Haryana

haryana poultry

Haryana, a state in northern India, has a significant poultry industry. Poultry farming is an essential agricultural activity in the state and contributes to the economy, providing employment opportunities and a steady supply of poultry products to meet the demands of the population.

In Haryana, majority of Broiler farms are in Jind and the Egg layer farms are in Barwala. Poultry farming primarily involves the production of broiler chickens (raised for meat) and layer chickens (raised for egg production). Broiler farming focuses on rapidly growing chicken breeds that are ready for slaughter in a relatively short period, typically around 6-8 weeks. Farmers provide appropriate nutrition, housing, and healthcare to ensure the optimal growth and health of the broilers. Farmers in the region have adopted modern techniques and technologies to improve the productivity and efficiency of poultry farming.

The state government of Haryana has also been actively promoting and supporting the poultry industry by providing various subsidies, schemes, and technical assistance to farmers. This support has helped in the growth and development of the poultry sector in the state.

Poultry products, including chicken meat and eggs, are an essential part of the diet of people in Haryana and the surrounding regions. The poultry industry also plays a crucial role in meeting the protein requirements of the population and contributes to food security.

The total numbers of poultry population in Haryana

1. Broiler birds- 17446986 (nos)
2. Egg laying hens- 20679234 (nos)
3. Hatchery- 3506500 (nos)

Information provided here is based on data available up to December 2022.

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