Chicken wholesale price crashes to Rs 70 per kg in Tamil Nadu’s Palladam


TIRUPPUR: Falling demand in broilers and incessant rains which affected transportation has brought down the wholesale broiler chicken price to Rs 70 per kilogram at Palladam. The retail price of broiler chicken, however, hovers around Rs 180-200 per kilogram.

Broiler Coordination Committee – President K Chinnasami said, “Sale of broiler birds came down as soon as rains started and buyers in Coimbatore, Nilgris, Dindigul, Erode and Tiruppur reduced broiler orders. Also the rains disrupted transportation of broiler birds. In terms of production cost broiler chicken, this is a big loss for indian poultry farmers.”

T Murugesan, a poultry farm owner in Palladam, “I have two small poultry broiler farms with 4,000 birds in Arakulam village. The price drop in broiler has hit me hard, since the production cost of broilers is Rs 90 per kilogram. But, the price of broiler has dropped to Rs 70 per kg.”

“This is a huge loss for small poultry broiler farmers like me. I cannot afford the production cost of broiler and must sell the broiler birds immediately. But there are no buyers. Poultry farmers fear that prices will go down further. Some poultry broiler farmers have started selling broiler birds for Rs 65 per kg,” he said.

Elaborating the production cost of broiler, Eswaramoorthi, a broiler poultry farm owner said, “A broiler chicken weighs 2.25 kilogram. The broiler bird attains 2 kilos in 44 days.The current weather is good and broiler birds gain weight easily. But the demand of broiler chicken has dropped. The poultry feed cost for broilers includes soya (35 per cent) and corn (65 per cent). Together with infrastructure cost like power connection, labour cost and broiler vaccination, the cost of broiler chicken comes to around Rs 90 per kilo for a poultry broiler farm owner.”

Source – newindianexpress

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