India’s heaviest? Chicken lays egg weighing 210gm in Kolhapur village


KOLHAPUR: A chicken of Hy-line W-80 breed, at a poultry farm in Talsande village of Kolhapur district, laid an egg weighing 210 gm – perhaps India’s largest and heaviest.

Till now, the heaviest chicken egg, as recorded in the Limca Book of Records, weighed 162gm and it was laid by a chicken in Punjab.

Usually, chicken eggs weigh between 54 and 100gm. In rare cases, eggs can weigh up to 140 gm.

Experts claim there might be three to four yolks inside the huge egg laid on the Kolhapur farm.

Dilip Chavan, the owner of the poultry farm in the Chavan Mala area, said, “On Sunday night, I came across this giant egg in my poultry and was very surprised. I have been in the poultry business for the past 40 years, but I had never seen such a big egg before. I first measured the egg with a scale for its size and then I weighed it. On Sunday, when I checked the weight, it was 200gm, but when I cross-checked it again on Monday, it was 210gm. I cross-checked using three different weighing scales after that and the weight was 210gm.”

Source – timesofindia

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