Namakkal poultry farmers to implement price fixed by NECC from May 1

namakkal poultry farmers following egg price

The poultry farmers in Namakkal have decided to implement the price fixed by the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) from May 1.

There are 1,100 poultry farms in the district that produce over five to six crore eggs a day. Of these eggs, 1.50 to 1.75 crore eggs are transported to Kerala; 45 lakh eggs are sent for noon meal scheme; 40 lakh eggs to Bengaluru; and the remaining eggs to various parts of Tamil Nadu and other States on a daily basis. The NECC (Namakkal zone) fixes the price of eggs thrice a week considering the demand for the eggs and the prevailing market situation.

In recent times, a group of 50 traders started procuring eggs from poultry farmers for 30 to 40 paisa less than the price fixed by the NECC. This affected the poultry farmers. Following this, in February this year, poultry farmers staged a protest at the NECC office.

On Sunday evening, a meeting was organised by the NECC (Namakkal zone), and more than 600 poultry farmers participated and explained their problems. Following this, a voting was conducted on fixing of price. The result came out in favour of the NECC.

NECC vice-chairman K. Singarajsaid that from May 1, the committee would fix the price on a daily basis. Sixteen teams will be formed in the Namakkal zone, and based on their instructions, the egg price would be decided. There will be no minus rate from the price fixed by NECC, Mr. Singaraj added.

Tamil Nadu Egg Poultry Farmers Marketing Society chairman Vangli Subramaniam said that due to the minus rate, poultry farmers suffered huge loss. While the NECC fixed the egg price at ₹ 5.65 a few months ago, the traders bought a single egg for ₹ 5 (minus 65 paisa) from the farmers and sold it for more than ₹ 5.65 in the market. Due to this, the consumers could not get the correct price. If the price was fixed daily, it would benefit consumers, Mr. Subramaniam added.


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