Poultry industry continues to be in service to the Nation


Hyderabad, November 22,2022: Despite challenges across all fronts, lndia’s broiler production for 2019 is projected to increase by 7 percent to nearly 6 million tons, processed chicken meat demand is projected to grow between 10-21 percent and layer production is forecast at 125 billion eggs! This success story -the envy of almost all developed nations – would not have been possible without steadfast endeavors Indian poultry farmers who have collectively raised poultry to become a phenomenal 120,000 crore industry and one of the prime sectors focusing on the food and nutritional security of the nation.

As the world’s 2nd largest egg producer, India today is the Third largest chicken producer after China and USA. “There is no gainsaying the fact poultry industry is playing a flagship role in being India’s champion to eradicate malnourishment and protein deficiency in the country.

During its 13 years of existence, Poultry lndia has reached out to the communities and the government to deliver inexpensive easily available healthy proteins to school-going children, youth, and young mothers through various All India rural and semiurban programs.

Poultry India Expo – South Asia’s biggest – has attracted a record 331 companies from India and 39 companies from abroad and is expected to draw over 30,000 business visitors across 27,500sqm and 5 exhibition halls at the HITEC venue which is the pride of Hyderabad. The 3-day exhibition starts on November 23. On November 22, the much-acclaimed Knowledge Day will shed light on various factors that beset the poultry industry. More than 1200 delegates from India, Africa, Europe, USA, and SAARC nations will listen to the world’s finest minds speak on the latest scientific innovations in breeding, hygiene, nutrition, animal health, poultry equipment and marketing.

“However I am happy our Government is determined to safeguard our sector so that we continue to produce world-class poultry meat and eggs. Today India’s poultry industry, with its enabling of low-cost model with increased productivity, is a showcase of success across the world. it is one of the key contributors to lndia’s Agriculture and Animal Husbandry GDP. lt contributes significantly to the eradication of protein deficiency and malnutrition and employ millions, especially women from rural India and has spawned dozens of small and medium entrepreneurs producing downstream products and services for the industry,” he added The poultry industry has grown by leaps and bounds due to strict housekeeping, exacting ventilation, feeding practices, automation, and disease control mechanism ministered by responsible and trained farmers. The Exhibition’s main aim is to help farmers keep abreast of latest developments in management, animal health & nutrition, breeding, poultry farm equipment and new techniques in feed manufacturing and poultry production at an affordable cost.-EndsNote to the Editor About Poultry India.

Poultry India is a constituted advisory body given a unanimous mandate to spearhead an educational campaign to Eat Right, Eat Healthy through a balanced daily diet which should include high proteins and thus be healthy and smart. The advisory body comprises heads of national organizations including Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers Association (IFMA), the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC); CLFMA of lndia; Pouttry Federation of lndia (PFl); All lndia Poultry Breeders Association (AIPBA); Andhra Pradesh poultry Farmers APPF); Poultry Breeders Association (PBA-AP); West Bengal Poultry Farmers Association (WBPFA); Tamil Nadu Broiler Co-ordination Committee gtUeCC); Broiler Breeders Association – North (BBAN); Karnataka Poultry Farmers & Breeders Association (KPFBA); lndian Federation of Animal Health Companies (INFAH), tndian poultry Journatist Association (IPJA) and All Odisha Poultry Association (AOPA). Poultry Exhibition, one of the largest in South Asia, brings together global experts on nutrition, breeding, poultry equipment and animal health, and_provides insights into latest trends and best practicei in poultry farming and breeding. Exhibitors from all over the world also showcase their equipmeni, products and services to lndian and foreign visitors. A one-day Poultry Knowledge Day is also organised in conjunction with the Poultry lndia exhibition.

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