25 per cent increase in demand for ‘immunity booster’ eggs


The promotion of eggs as a ‘rich source of protein’ and ‘immunity booster’ during the Covid-19 crisis has brightened the prospects of poultry farmers.

The rising demand for eggs has led to an increase in egg prices in the city to Rs60 - Rs72 per dozen. Similarly, the packed eggs which were selling at Rs75 are now available at ?90 for buyers. According to the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), Pune, the Covid-19 crisis has broken the back of the poultry farmers and the rising demand and confidence of the citizenry for eggs has led to an egg shortage and price rise.

The domestic consumption of eggs for Pune is pegged between 35-40 lakh eggs on a daily basis while the current supply was around 25 lakh, NECC added.

Shyam Bhagat, NECC, Pune president said, “The efforts of the government and people resulted in eggs being accepted as the most preferred unadulterated immunity booster. The citizens have shown full confidence in eggs as the sole immunity booster. There is no solution to Covid-19 as there is no medicine available. People are convinced that the eggs are the way to fight Covid-19. In government hospitals, eggs were given to patients to boost their immunity. The poultry farms had shut down due to the Covid-19 crisis leading to a shortage.”

“Moreover, people started eating eggs in large numbers to protect their health and boost immunity leading to rising demand for eggs. The poultry farming industry which is currently facing a crisis can be revived due to this rising egg consumption trend.”

Nana peth-based Bismillah poultry owner Yusuf Khan said, “There is a shortage of eggs in the market as there has been a sudden demand for eggs due to the Covid-19 crisis. Our buyers are buying double the number of eggs to increase immunity. Currently, we are selling eggs at ?70 per dozen. Most of the consumers have increased their consumption of boiled eggs leading to increased demand.”


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