Egg Prices Head North In City


Mysore/Mysuru: Doctors’ advice to eat eggs daily to boost immunity to fight COVID-19 and shortage of supply as many birds were culled in the past following bird flu scare have shot up egg prices in Mysuru.

Each egg is sold at Rs.6 to Rs. 6.25 in the retail market, an increase of Re. 1 to Rs. 1.50 when compared to previous months. There is a difference of Re. 1 per egg between wholesale and retail market. In the wholesale market, the prices are Rs. 130 for 24 eggs and Rs.60 to Rs. 65 per dozen. In the retail market, eggs are sold between Rs. 6 and Rs. 6.25 per egg. 

V. Sheshanarayana, sales promotional officer, National Egg Coordination Committee, Mysuru told Star of Mysore that a major portion of egg stocks is diverted to Maharashtra which is reporting the maximum number of COVID-19 positive cases and casualties in the country. 

“Following the doctors’ advice to eat at least two eggs a day to improve body immunity against the pandemic, the demand is high,” Sheshanarayana said. 

He said thousands of birds were culled recently due to bird flu and this has hit egg production. In Mysuru, the supply is over 27 lakh eggs as against the demand of 32 lakh eggs — a shortfall of 5 lakh eggs. “It will take at least four to five months for the prices to reduce. The rates might decrease during the Karthika Month in November but it will jump again. In 2017, the egg price had touched Rs.5.53 per egg. After that, the prices have now increased,” he added. 

Abul Kalam Azad of Star Egg Centre, one of the oldest wholesale traders of the city, opined the price would continue to rise till November-December.

The lockdown too hit the movement of transport vehicles and as such, the regular supply of bird feed from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat was affected. Subsequently, the culling of chicken following the outbreak of bird flu also contributed for the severe shortage of eggs. 

Now, the feed supply is stabilised even farmers are happy with the current market rates. New birds have come from Namakkal, Hospet and Davanagere and they will start laying eggs in December. Till then, the prices may be same, say traders.

There are over 40-45 poultry farms including 25 big farms in Mysuru district. Each bird will lay egg from 18th week till 80th week. In all, each bird lays over 340-350 eggs.


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