Poultry Management

Dead Bird Disposal

 Dead poultry on farms can cause nuisance, odor and aesthetic problems; surface and groundwater pollution; disease; and insect, rodent and predator pr...

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Manure Handling

Solid contents in poultry manure There are different types of equipments and storage methods used for manure handling depending upon the solid conten...

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The artificial light provided in the poultry shed should be of uniform intensity. It should reach properly in corners of the sheds uniformly so that a...

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Flock Grading

The first and most basic knowledge a poultry producer should have, is to know how to identify which hens are in production. Once a female chicken has...

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Heat Stress

High shed temperature during summer season has a severe impact on poultry Performance. Production efficiency can be affected long before the temperatu...

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Fly Control

The housefly life cycle closely mirrors that of most insects: a basic cycle that begins with an egg, then develops through a larva phase, a pupa phase...

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