Namakkal poultry farmers withdraw protest

Namakkal poultry farmers withdraw protest

More than 50 poultry farmers who were on a sit-in at the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) office since Friday, withdrew their protest on Saturday afternoon.

After the Committee fixed ₹ 4.40 a egg on Friday, the aggrieved farmers arrived at the NECC office in Namakkal to raise the issue. As the NECC chairman and members were not present in the office, the poultry farmers staged a sit-in, which continued on Saturday. The farmers claimed that the NECC fixed the egg price without considering any facts. From the fixed price, traders take 30 paisa extra discount and procure eggs, and this would result in loss for poultry farmers.

On Saturday, NECC vice-chairman K. Singaraj held talks with the poultry farmers and promised to convene a meeting to redress their grievances. Following this, the farmers withdrew their protest.

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