How a Telangana IITian Left His Tech Job To Launch India’s First Country Chicken Brand

Telangana IITian Left His Tech Job To Launch India’s First Country Chicken Brand

Hyderabad: This is a story of a Telangana IITian who turned into a businessman to make waves in the poultry industry after leaving a techie job that earned him a package of Rs. 28 lakhs. Saikesh Goud is the founder and CEO of Country Chicken Co., a well-known brand that is famous for its five types of authentic Natu Kodi or Country Chicken. Reportedly, it is the world’s first & India’s most premium Country Chicken brand.

Getting into the details, Saikesh completed his graduation from IIT Varanasi in mechanical engineering and got a software professional job with a package of Rs.28 lakh. According to the website, it was in 2009 when Mr. Hemambar Reddy, one of the sounders, realised his love and desire to raise Country Chickens. With his insightful knowledge regarding them and how the meat industry should work, he joined hands with Mr. Saikesh & Mohd. Sami Uddin to bring about Country Chicken Co.

While everyone laughed at the trio about their business of Country Chicken birds, they didn’t stop and worked hard to take their business to its peak within a year. Saikesh, along with friends, opened India’s first authentic Country Chicken stores at Pragathi Nagar and Kukatpally localities in Hyderabad. He provided jobs to as many as 70 people in his Country Chicken outlets. His team built up a network with as many as 15,000 poultry farmers across southern states and they have been purchasing Country Chicken birds from the farmers by paying them a good price.

Country Chicken Co. also started training the farmers to feed the Chicken birds a nutritious diet. By doing so, the trio has been supplying tasty chicken by maintaining quality standards. Indeed, they drew everyone’s attention after receiving the best-emerging meat brand title recently.

They sell five types of Country Chicken birds in southern India, namely, Tender Telangana, Classic Andhra, Mysore Queen, Kadaknath, and Warrior – Pandhem Kodi.

When News18 tried contacting Saikesh, he explained that it takes a minimum of six months to develop into a fully-grown Country Chicken bird. They are grown in organic methods with low investment. Now, the brand is focusing on three types of Telangana Country Chicken birds including Warrior, Kadaknath, and Asil. According to him, there is a huge increase in the number of customers due to their authentic method of preparing the Country Chicken meat in front of them.

Saikesh further added that they are making efforts to establish 100 outlets within a short period in a phased manner. Starting with commoners to ministers, the trio has been receiving appreciation from many for making their success story an inspirational one.

Source – news18

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