Up government issues new guidelines for storing eggs

egg store guidelines

New rules of storing eggs in UPStorage of any food item is a big issue, as there are several cases where the food is not stored properly. Cold storage of foods is done to ensure that the quality does not deteriorate with time. Keeping these things in mind, the UP government has issued a new guideline related to Indian poultry regarding egg safety i.e., storage and safety of eggs. In this new directive, the govt. has issued strict guidelines saying that if poultry operators want to keep eggs in cold storage, they will have to follow the new guidelines now.

The directiveAs per the new directive, now the cold storage operators have been instructed that eggs should not be stored with fruits & vegetables. A new chamber has to be made for storing eggs in cold storage. While storing eggs in cold storage, any type of liquid chemical or paraffin has to be sprayed. Also, before keeping eggs, the cold storage people will have to put the production date and place with an ink on the eggs.

Egg transportationNot just that, but a new rule has also been made for transporting eggs. This means, “If a vehicle loaded with eggs is going beyond 150 kms then it has to be an AC vehicle.” A transport vehicle going from Agra to Lucknow will have to be an AC one now, the report said.

The temperatureEggs can only be stored for 3 months in cold storage. The new chamber in which eggs will be stored should have a temperature between 4-7 degrees C. Those who are storing eggs will have to now notify the govt too.


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