Use refrigerated vans for eggs, says UP; stocks pile up in Haryana

eggs transported in refrigerated vans

The directive issued by the Uttar Pradesh Government of using refrigerated vans for transporting eggs has become a matter of concern for the people involved in Indian poultry business in Haryana who sell eggs in the neighbouring state.

To maintain the quality and ensure that the poultry eggs don’t get infected by any bacteria while being transported to faraway locations in closed vans, the Animal Husbandry Department of Uttar Pradesh issued directions that the vehicles loaded with eggs arriving from other states and the ones covering a distance of more than 150 km have to be refrigerated and fitted with a GPS device.

The directions, issued in February, came into force from April 15. Unhappy with the decision, businessmen in Haryana are hoping that the Haryana Government and the Centre will intervene in the matter.

Over 2.5 crore eggs are produced in a day in the state and around 60 to 70 per cent of that is sent to Uttar Pradesh. The directions regarding refrigerated vans have started showing ill-effects on the business here. Traders are not placing orders due to which stocks are piling up. This will cause loss to poultry farmers. This appears to be a conspiracy to stop arrivals from other states just to benefit some big players involved in egg business in UP. Uttar Pradesh is a major consumption point. The industry was already struggling due to various issues and now, the directive of the UP Government has increased the problems. 

As per the directions of the UP Government, the vehicles have to maintain temperature between 10°C and 15.5°C. Ironically, the temperature ranges between 30°C and 40°C in Indian poultry farms. The eggs are sold in open markets and small kiosks with no facility of maintaining the temperature.

Laying down tough conditions

Vehicles from other states or those covering a distance of more than 150 km must have refrigeration and GPS device, says UP Govt
Temperature to be maintained at 10-15.5°C
Trays must have stickers with information about date of production and place

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