Feed & Raw Materials


Poultry Feed is the most important aspect of poultry farming.Feed contributes to 80% of the total expence that are there in production of an egg and broiler.Its basicaly a mix of various Grains, De-oiled extractions on Ground nut,Soybean,Rapeseed,& Sunflower, & calciun carbonates.The nutrients that we have to balance while preparing a good feed are ME(Metabolise Energy),Protein,Calcium,Lysine,DL-Methionine and some others.Ingredients that are used in preparing poultry feed are Maize,Bajra,Deoiled Rice Bran,Rice Polish,Jowar,Soybean Meal,Deoiled Ground Nut Extraction,Deoiled Sunflower,Deoiled Rapesead,Fish Meal,Meat & Bone Meal,Shells,Marble Powder,Marble Chips.

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