Poultry Management

Egg Quality

Grading is a form of quality control used to divide a variable commodity or product into a number of classes.  Commercially, eggs are graded simultane...

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Ventilation is essential in poultry operations. Important environmental challenges include weather extremes and rapidly changing conditions.

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Bio security in poultry farming is of extreme importance as it effects the overall physical health of the poultry and financial health of the poultry...

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Disease is impairment from normal function of body organs or any part of body. Many factors like nutritional deficiency, injury, toxicity, stress, inf...

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Water Quality

Water is a required nutrient that is easily overlooked until it is absent. Water represents between 55% and 75% of the weight of a chicken and 65% of...

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Feed & Raw Materials

Poultry Feed is the most important aspect of poultry farming.Feed contributes to 80% of the total expence that are there in production of an egg and b...

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