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Meat, nutrition and the unpalatable politics of food

When the Rajkot Municipal Corporation in Gujarat decided to ban the sale of meat within 100 metres of schools, public places and temples last month, I...


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This new technology converts poultry feathers into animal feed

Indian scientists have designed a new technology that converts keratin waste such as human hair, wool, and poultry feathers to fertilizers, pet, and a...

Source: NewsOnAir

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India Has 70%+ Non-Vegetarian Population But Is Considered Vegetarian; Why?

India has the highest number of vegetarians in the world, with more than 400 million people identifying as vegetarian. However, various surveys over t...

Source: ED TIMES

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Poultry Healthcare Market 2020 Global Future Growth Analysis, Size, Share, Demand, Trends and Forecasts to 2026

The increasing prevalence of Newcastle disease is a key factor driving the global “poultry healthcare market”, says Fortune Business Insights in a rep...

Source: Bulletin Line

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Poultry training imparted

HAYULIANG, : Twenty farmers from the Bijiliang cluster farming group here in Anjaw district participated in a training programme organized by the Anja...


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Poultry Feed Market Current Situation And Growth Forecast to 2026

Poultry birds require a specific amount of carbohydrates and proteins, along with the necessary, dietary minerals, vitamins, and an adequate quantity...

Source: 21 WFMJ

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